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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton's victory party in west palm beach, florida. the crowd is fired up. let's listen to her. >> our supporter as -- across the country, our campaign earned more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican. and i want to congratulate senator sanders for the vigorous campaign he's waging. today, all of you in the state where contests were held voted to break down the barriers and so everyone of us can share in the promise of america. you voted. you voted. you voted for our tomorrow, to
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be better than our yesterday. tomorrow, where all of us do our part and everyone has a chance to live up to his, or her god-given potential. because that is how america can live up to its potential too. keep volunteering and contributing at hillary >> that is hillary clinton speaking in west palm beef, florida as we cover primaries today, good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. the republican field just got smaller, marco rubio dropped out of the presidential race. >> he suspended his campaign because of these numbers in his home state, he came in second
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behind trump with ted cruz a disstanlt third. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016, or maybe ever, and today, my campaign is suspended, the fact i've come this far is evidence of how special america is. >> on the democratic side, clinton had a commanding win over bernie sanders and to ohio, abc news just projected clinton as the winner there. and on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich has beaten trump and abc news projected clinton the winner in north carolina. it is still a close race for the republicans, trump with a win over cruz and kasich in third. here in california we don't vote until june 7 and by then, it may be too late to make a difference. >> or maybe not, depending.
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laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. despite the big wins for donald trump, and hillary clinton, tonight the nominations are still far from settled and it does look like for the first time since the mid 1980s california's presidential primary might matter. it's presidential primary day in places like ohio and florida. this small group gathered in san francisco to denounce republican front runner donald trump. >> this is a place i want to win. >> nonetheless, trump is expected to take home the most delegates, except maybe in ohio. a lead could lead to a contested convention in the same state in july. >> you'll see the call around one candidate that will be likely ted cruz which is ironic. the establishment didn't see ted cruz that favorably before. >> on the democratic side, the
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polls show hillary clinton remains the favorite. she may have issues in the mid west. bernie sanders fans hope so. >> we tend to love progressive candidates in california. we have a huge, young voter population in california and the message appeals to the young voters. >> indeed for the first time in a long time, california's june 7th primary could matter for both parties but for the republicans especially. >> i think it's good. we're the largest state with the largest economy. it's a good thing for us. >> if both trump and clinton win today, it's unlikely they can wrap up the nominations before california. in walnut creek, laura anthony, abc7 news. and looking at the delegate count now, you can see how california primary could be pivotal. donald trump has 568 delegates, less than half of the number he
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needs to secure the nomination and avoid a fight for it in a brokered republican convention. on the democratic side, hillary clinton now has nearly 60% of the delegates she needs when you include super delegates committed to her, we'll continue to update today's results and you can stay on top of the primaries with the abc7 news app. down load it for free and enable push alerts. new details revealed today about why an assistant basketball coach at uc berkeley was fired for sexual harassment. lyanne joins us live with the story tonight. >> reporter: we have learned two people have lost their jobs and she is a former reporter and says he provided her with misinformation as reb --
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retribution. >> the reporter was working for a media outlet. in this report, the woman requested to meet to gather information. she claims the coach frequently turned the text conversations into sexual innuendos and testified in february, 2015 he insisted in going to a place called jupiter. the reporter says she drove him home after he told her he was too drunk and insisted she drive him to his res dense. the report says she drove her car into the apartment garage and claims the conversation went like this. he said you're coming up. no. i'm going to leave now. are you thinking that i'm going to have sex with you? yes, he answered and she responded not going to happen.
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you and i are professional colleagues, not interested in you. she says she felt scared when noticing the garage door was closed. huffnagel acknowledged texting to go out after the game. she agreed. he said it was a sexual advance, and in the back of my mind i was like, obviously, she's willing. he claims after telling him she wasn't interested, he drove her back to her car and that was the end of it. many students say this and other interactions have cast a shadow over cal. >> i think when people look at the school with this little rep w -- representation, they don't feel they'll be safe. >> he says it was inappropriate but not sexual harassment. >> police are looking for the person who shot a man just before noon sky 7 hd was over
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delaware street where it happened. witnesses reported hearing several gunshots. the victim was taken to the hospital. a shelter in place for the area has been lifted because police believe the suspect left the area. >> the community is remembering a police officer with ties to the south bay tonight. officer taylor better known as nate was hit by a car. last weekend as investigating another accident. after graduating he spent three years as chp in san jose. abc7 news spoke with an officer there who knew him well. >> this is the officer carrying a woman to safety. >> this scared me. i hurt my ankle. >> the moment was caught on camera. helping others was second nature to the officer. in a facebook post, writing
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while hitchhiking officer taylor gave him a ride and offered to drive him home to sacramento after his shift. brewer writes he was a good man, kind, and giving and wanted to help. he challenged my prejudice against the police. he inspired me to be a better man. >> i'm sure anyone who knew him isn't surprised by that. >> ross lee worked with officer taylor for three years, attending a skt service this morning. >> incredibly kind, caring and smart. >> news of the death is striking beyond the law enforcement community. >> he was just a really nice guy and i'm shocked. >> it's why paxton brewer decided to share the post, thanking the officer. he writes, buying him a six pack or dinner seemed so small in scope now. i'm sharing this in an effort to broaden that scope, to repay him, by inspiring others to be
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good. >> makes me proud to have known him. >> he leaves behind a wife and three children n san jose, abc7 news. a big pay day coming for a former san francisco homeless man who helped capture two dangerous fugitives. he was voted to receive a $100,000 reward. abc7 news spoke to him shortly after he spotted the escapees. >> people were sleeping in it because windows were steamed up. because it's heavy condensation. i thought there are two people in that van. >> he pointed them out to police, both were arrested. he will use the reward money to help his son and disabled daughter. san francisco is lowering a city fee. >> still heahead, why superviso
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suggest blasting an amount while the car is towed. this is a big deal. it means a lot to us. a matter of taste. here from some
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. hillary clinton just wrapped up her speech in florida. she won florida, north carolina and is leading in illinois and missouri but both are still too close to call. and this is where donald trump will speak, soon, in palm beach, florida. donald trump meet marco rubio in his home state of florida but lost to governor kasich in ohio tonight. trump is leading in north carolina, illinois and missouri. >> we'll get back there as soon as something happens. asian american leaders are calling on the academy awards to be more inclusive after what some deemed a racially insensitive joke during the oscars. the academy board of governors received a letter from 24 people in the entertainment industry including director ng lee and actor george takai expressing
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disgust at jokes per poet traited stereo types during last month's broadcast. >> called for a lot of asian americans who saw the clips or watched the show, you have profound commentary but it seemed okay to score cheap laughs at the expense of asian americans. now, the academy released a statement it appreciates the concerns and regrets any aspect was offensive. quote, we're committed to doing our best to ensure material in future shows be more culturally sensitive. towing fees are closer to becoming cheaper in san francisco. >> yes. currently it costs close to $500 and more than half of that is the administrative fee. vic lee is live with the story. vic?
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>> reporter: the boort of the metropolitan transportation agency voted to reduce the towing fees here in san francisco. and now, that plan goes to the board of supervisors for a final vote next week. >> reporter: the plan to reduce fees that the staff agreed to. it was too late for those here at the yard today. the work truck was towed two months ago. he was unable to get to the yard until now. >> it was cheaper to buy another vehicle. >> the daily storage fees may be steep, but the charges in san francisco are set to be the highest in the country. currently $491 and change. not counting the ticket.
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>> $600 for $700 for a single mistake is just punitive. >> the deal reached would reduce fees by $100. and include a program for low income families. >> we'll be reducing the fees by almost 50%. >> most of the reduction will come from an administrative >> it's grown by over 430% to $266. that is unconscionable. >> there is one catch. don't get towed twice. you won't get the reduced fee the second time around. >> let's go back live to our political coverage, you're hooking now live at governor
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kasich in ohio, his home state. he has won in a significant defeat for donald trump. let's listen in. >> i want to firgs of -- first of all, i want listen, everybody. hey! listen.
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hey! when you went to college in the 1970s you appreciate a good, peaceful protest every once in a while. well, you do. first of all, you know when you're in the arena, and you're struggling and leave your family to go out on the campaign trail, and deliver a message to america because you believe that you, you believe that you are the best qualified and person to be president of the united states. you put it on the line. your family puts it all on the line. and i want this crowd here tonight to give a great, great response to a very, very great, talented and fine united states
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senator, marco rubio for the effort he has >> governor kasich where he had a win over donald trump, donald trump wins florida and north carolina. and mentioned earlier, marco rubio now suspended his campaign after losing in florida today. >> yes. so we're continuing to monitor this throughout the evening. spencer is busy monitoring the weather. >> spring has sprung. >> yes. >> let's show what's happening on live doppler 7. a mild day this, is how it works out over sfo, blue skies and 59 degrees in san francisco.
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lower to mid-60s in oakland. here is a live view from our east bay hills camera, 67 now in santa rosa. 62 in napa and another live view from pier 15 we'll have warmer weather tomorrow and thursday, and spring showers will arrive sunday night. going to the week ahead, look at the big warm up. average highs this time of the year, 67 degrees, we're going to see low to mid-70s throughout the weekend. some rain coming in. the next storm sunday night and monday. a storm of light
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in the north bay, wetter. overnight, maybe a couple locations inland valleys into upper 30s and tomorrow, sunny, mild conditions with highs in the mid-60s on the coast. and here is the accu-weather forecast. nice and wild to warm through saturday. and spring showers arrive. >> bring your appetite. the bay area james beard
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bernie sanders speaking in phoenix, arizona after an important day in the polls. let's listen in. >> that is why we're going to move to public funding of
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elections. and that is why we're going to take on those cowardly republican governors who are trying to suppress the bernie sanders talking tough, and showing no sign he intends to suspend his campaign as marco rubio did on the republican side, today. >> and now, google went before a senate committee to ask the federal government to put self driving cars in the fast lane. abc7 news anchor kristin zee is here with the details. >> senators went for a test wide
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and the self driving chief urged the pou wrir to approve technologies and the dmv wants a licensed driver to take control in an emergency. google said it would delay rules from proep reducing traffic fatalitys. >> technologies will never be perfect but the opportunity to reduce those accidents is incredible. >> one of the google cars hit a bus, only a fender bender but it was blamed partly on the google car. today, the group consumer watch dog testified it would leave safety by the way side. congress shouldn't skirt rules because technology giants ask them to. the governor draws up rules on driverless cars in the next six
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months, massachusetts senator tweeted we must ensure safety and privacy are protected. >> thank you very much. >> uber just made it easier to stay in, instead of going out. >> the app that promises to feed you within 10 minutes. >> sony unveils a play station vr. when it
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. it's turning into a political thriller on this super tuesday. >> five states are voting including big races in florida and ohio and the democratic front runner appears headed for a clean sweep over bernie sanders. and is leading in illinois and missouri. trump spoke to supporters in west palm beach, florida a short time ago. >> we can't do with this without you. if you've been waiting, now is the right
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>> we're waiting for donald trump to speech in west palm beach. governor john kasich just spoke to supporters in his home state. it was a must win for him. >> we put one foot in front of the other and i want to remind you, again, tonight, i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> and the republican field just got smaller today with his family by his side, marco rubio suspended his campaign after losing to trump in florida. we'll send results and updates using our abc7 news app throughout the evening. it can be down loaded for free. a new food delivery option leads today's bay area business
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watch. uber debuted the uber eat app letting users order food deliveries in san francisco. each costs $5. there is also an instant option which offers a limited the business journal obtained these renderings of the charleston east project. today, google stock lost two points, nasdaq slipped by 21. some of the best in the business are here in the bay area. >> this business is the food business. >> wayne freedman visited some local james beard award nominees. >> if a little birdie told you it's glamorous to own and operate a high-end restaurant you've never visited eight hours before opening time. >> i'm not above any work.
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no. the first thing you figure out in a restaurant, especially one this size is that not very helpful to think you're above anything. >> as in any business, you do rise which is why matthew of spqr earned his name today. with that, nominated as the best chef in what amount to the oscars of food. james beard foundation awards in chicago. >> it's given to industry professionals. >> the awards honored several san francisco establishments including a yacht club which received a best new restaurant nomination for hawaiian fare. the owner and chef was working when his wife read about it online. >> none could have happened without other parts of the process. >> process, we heard a lot of that word today. in these process, it begins athe
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7:00 a.m. >> they say the devil is in the details. everything is in the details. >> he wanted to be a professional cyclist who broke his leg and got addicted to cooking as he was recovering. >> you'll never achieve perfection. never achieve exactly the same thing, every day, but you can try. >> all part of the process. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. leg room on airplanes has slung by four inches. >> how one man got more for less
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donald trump will speak in palm beach, florida. donald trump is leading in north carolina, illinois and missouri. he lost ohio to governor john kasich. >> and do you feel more cramped on an airplane? it's because you are. the seats are closer together than before. >> a bay area man found a way to
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get relief but needed help. >> michael, are you up there? >> they don't allow me up there. this guy found a way to get a few efrjs more for his crumpeled legs. it worked well until he started to plan a trip. then, his wallet got squeezed instead of his legs. >> this i got in a flea market. >> bob from san francisco collects antique telephones and travels the world finding them. >> this doesn't work well. >> lugging phones across borders is hard enough. the next problem? bob is six feet, two. >> when you're six feet, two, you need leg room. >> airlines are squeezing in more seats, leg room has slung from 35 inches to just 31. >> when knees are kissing the back of the seat in front of you, then, that person leans back, it becomes impossible.
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>> bob subscribed to united airlines economy plus, letting him sit in seats with extra leg room. >> just a few inches more, but it's worth it. >> his subscription expires in april. he went online to set up automatic renewal. but got error messages. >> the agent said there is a problem with the computer system. >> he tried again. it still did not work. >> i spent two hours and 23 minutes on the phone. >> instead of renewal he was charged for a noews subscriptio. >> it was crazy. >> united airlines told him to apply for a refund online, he got a error message there, too. >> i had to turn to 7 on your side. >> reporter: we contacted united and the airline reversed charges on his account. united saying we have reached out to mr. freedland. and to apologize for the
6:41 pm
difficulties he encountered. >> all's well that end's well, i guess. if i didn't have 7 on your side, i'd still be pulling out my hair. >> bob purchased a gift subscription for $699. it's a year of economy plus. united said agents should have been able to steer him to the right page, they didn't. so i'll steer you to the right web page to, see that and go to my reports go to and then, select 7 on your side. >> good stuff. thank you. >> sure. >> well, the long-awaited unveiling at the gaming conference in san francisco. >> yes. just what super secret
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ikea plans to open its third bay area store in dublin, and the location is just off 480. if approved construction starts next year and the store could open in 2018. ikea currently has stores in emeryville and east palo alto.
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the best place to be in the gaming industry is here. 82% of the job openings are in the bay area. engineers are the ones in demand the most. indeed and linkedn provide the majority of the candidates. >> right now the world's largest gaming industry event is underway. sony unveiled it's virtual reality head set. jonathan bloom is there to show us what it can do. >> last year it was code named but now... at the game developer's conference, sony unveiled a head set made to may with any play station 4. >> this is a bigger station. >> it will launch in
6:46 pm
october 2016 for $399. >> sony is one of three major players and just under cut the other two. but price may not be the only front where a war can be fought. >> the game of the game is unique content. >> star wars battle front gaming like nothing else, coming only to play station vr. >> he says it's early days. >> i think the killer game is not yet here. >> that is where tools like this come in. she's not playing a game, she's building from the inside out. >> i've got my dragon here. yes. looks good. turn around. >> you're keanu reeves. >> the tool is stl in development. >> the language isn't written
6:47 pm
yet. there are spending time how to do story telling in vr. >> this is the year consumers can buy htc's $800 vibe. both require a windows pc. and some are predicting the play station vr will outsell them. back to politics, you're looking at a live picture of donald trump expected to speak soon in palm beach, florida. abc news expects him to win illinois in addition to florida. we're standing by for donald trump to speak to his supporters. >> all right. spencer christian is here to talk to us about the weather. >> that is a nice thing to hear. >> here we go. clear skies across the bay area now. blue skies over the golden gate bridge. now, we see clear skies here and no evidence of haze but tree pollen is high now. allergy sufferers may have
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noticed here already. trees are oak and pine. and that air quality is pretty good. weather will be nice and mild, highs in the 70s, 80s in los angeles and palm springs and in the bay area, sunny skies ranging from mid-60s to low 70s around the bay and low to mid-70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be sunny, mild like this throughout friday. more clouds gathering in the sky saturday, spring officially arrives saturday night. we'll get showers sunday night into monday. monday's storm will be a light one. >> thank you, spencer. >> and we have larry beil here new. >> yes. hoops to talk about. >> hoops. there is a ton now and more coming. how far will the cal bears go in the tournament? sports is
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good evening, we know steph curry can shoot threes. for the record, 60 and 6 now,
6:52 pm
warriors closed out a home stand against the knicks and the threat is andrew bogat who made his first three of the season last night. warriors have been getting big sur formances from moe speights. >> i think i caught him by surprise. i was thinking about it. >> full of energy. i mean, he'll just do stuff i'm sure coach is like what is moe doing? just making shots he gets so juiced he gets the crowd going. after one play, you know, that type. energy is infectious to the team. >> warriors going to play spurs saturday. tonight, spurs hosting clippers.
6:53 pm
tim duncan moves past the top of the list. spurs leading clippers 48-44 at the half. cal faces hawaii in the opening game of the ncaa tournament friday at spokane. now, bears had the best defense this season, will try to shut down the rainbow warriors. last time in the tournament tire on-wallace was a freshman. the third round wallace is now the veteran. >> if someone is a freshman, it's like, you know, this is what everybody plays for, you know? they want to win.
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>> i don't know how it's going to feel. to be honest. it's going to be tough against hawaii. you're not going to get in the game thinking it's going to be like that for everything in the tournament. >> the tournament is underway, first four playing games. florida gulf coast, 96-65 and wichita state a one point game early in the first half, broncos decided to keep cj anderson. a little bit of surprise, broncos could have kept cj can $2.5 million a year. they let him on the open market, oops. they decided we better pay cj to keep him. giants pitcher appears to have
6:55 pm
avoided injury after getting drilled in the head by a line drive. the first pitch he threw, by billy burns, enough force that the ball went to out field. johnny did stay in the game. his agent said he is fine. he has a contusion. officials say they'll contact him to see if he wants to wear that new cap that some pitchers are trying out this year. >> a's took on the rockies. dj lamau. and only ones for the a's a two run shot on the fourth, rockies go on to win. baseball season is back. >> that is scary. >> it happens infrequently but
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it does get your attention. >> join us tonight at 9:00, here we'll bring you a late election return plus a look at how trump and clinton pulled off victories and what happens next. >> then, at 11:00, peninsula police are searching for this man, the lewd crime against a child he is accused of tonight. and here is the line >> we'll take a live picture of donald trump about to speak in florida. we're going to carry that on our website. we appreciate your time. >> from all of us, thanks for watching. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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